Create Amazing Things with ZWCAD 2019

     ●  Seamless DWG compatibility

     ●  Code-level compatible APl

     ●  Smooth workflow between desktop and mobile devices

     ●  Time-saving innovative tools

     ●  Perpetual license with latest version upgrade

The Choice of Over 900,000 Users from 90 Countries

What can ZWCAD Offer You?

ZWCAD provides unique features and innovation tools to help your work much more effective.

Powerful CAD Features You Should Know

Tool Palettes

Match Property

Reference Manager

Import DGN

File Compare

Object Isolation

Dynamic Block

Super Hatch

The innovative and reliable CAD software on the market


Except for the Dark UI scheme, ZWCAD 2019 continues to satisfy users’ diversified preferences by providing the optimized Light UI scheme. Now you can switch between these two different styles to choose the one that fits you well.

Custom Color Scheme

Both PDF and DWFx files can be attached to your current drawing as underlays and references, so that you can continue to work on the existing designs, instead of starting from scratch.

PDF Underlay

Annotative Object can now be displayed, created and edited. Usually, the size of annotation object changes together with the size of the geometry it annotates, resulting in its failing display in the Layout viewports when plotting to a smaller scale. 

Annotative Object

Multiple drawings can be plotted form the Model viewport all at once with the ZWPLOT command, enabling more efficient plotting process

Batch Plot


Developed by ZWSOFT CO., LTD.(Guangzhou) (“ZWSOFT” for short), ZWCAD is a lightweight, reliable and DWG compatible CAD solution for worldwide users. 

It provides innovative, collaborative and customizable features to designers and engineers in AEC and MCAD industries, easing their design work.

"I love using ZWCAD since I was trained up on this software by my instructor during a CAD Refresher Course in Worcester. Still playing around with it during my free time. Excellent, and easy to use."

- Marika Rakaseta, CAD Technician from the United Kingdom

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