Promotion period: June 1st ~ Aug. 31st

Free 2D Import? Yes for ZW3D 2019 SP!

Buy or upgrade to ZW3D 2019 SP, then you can get a free plug-in for Catia/Solidwork 2D drawing import.



From June 1st to August 31st, buy or upgrade to ZW3D 2019 SP, then you can get a free plug-in for Catia®/Solidworks® 2D drawing import!

Open Native 2D Drawings of CATIA®/Solidworks® With Ease!

If you are the downstream suppliers of OEMs which use high-end MCAD systems like CATIA®, you may want to spend less to open their native 2D drawings instead of buying those "luxuries". ZW3D helps you with that -- its plug-in enables you to easily import CATIA®/Solidworks® 2D drawings with high accuracy to ZW3D. 

Cover the complete product development process from designing to manufacturing, unifying your software maintenance at affordable cost.

 All-in-one CAD/CAM solution 

Product Highlights

Open files from Catia®, Siemens NX®, Solidworks®, Creo®, Inventor® and Solidedge®, maximizing data reuse & facilitate effective collaboration

Powerful file translator 

In ZW3D 2019 SP, more poweful solid and surface modeling, more efficient NC output, and intelligent region analysis are waiting for you!

Stronger and stronger version

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